" Success is the set of failures"

Hello dear wandering stars!

 Thank you for your visit, whether accidental or the sky is guided here!

I was born in 1970 in Budapest, Vecses I live with my family. I have three children, David, 27, Diana 25, and Daniel a 13 years of patience and a wonderful wife Gabriella. I work in Budapest is a Hungarian-owned service company as sales manager.

   The starry sky has great admiration I watched, initially only the naked eye since childhood, looking for a (shooting stars). Then in 2012 I purchased the first start, but had a serious image index binoculars. Since then, the telescope turned in my hands, is now working on a self-built, designed specifically for astrophotography telescope. As time progresses, more and more questions arose in me wonders of the universe, seeing them completed answering the ELTE astronomer astronomy department at a training course. The first glance at the occasion telescope stuck on the idea that what they see others have to show. This revealed to me the urge and beautifully colored sky astrophotography launched in the acquisition of more serious level. Today, pre-designed into several days under dark skies are made of people moving occasion of my photos. One - a photo their development is usually two to three hours at night photography and rework average10-15 is required. images on the page work over the past four years, but that's got so much more from this beautiful hobbitól. A lot of nice people and a few true friends I met while shooting sky.



Zoltan Bach