My telescope

Newton carbon 200/1000Newton Dobson 200/1200My and Newton carbon 200/1000William Optics Apo 72/432 and Star Adventurer mechanikNewton carbon 200/1000 and SW EQ6 mechanikCanon 600D and Canon 70-200 F4 LNewton 200/1000 SkyWatcher

In the order of my instruments I can see how I deepened the technical mysteries of astro photography. My present photo collection is a self-built 200/1000 Newton Carbon Astrograph, the center of Lacerta with a microfocus sculptor, with a self-contained unique mirror mirror holder. Tracking along the Lacerta axis and assisted by MGEN. Search with a SkyWatcher 9 * 50 scan tube and a parallel laser pointer. Photos of a QHY-5II. color CCD camera and a converted Canon 600D DSLR camera. I installed the Canon with a stepless cooling system, so I can produce high quality pictures in summer heat.

My 2017 capture capture devices were complemented by an Atik One 6 CCD and an ASI 290 CMOS camera. Newton binoculars got the engine spider and an ASA 0.73 reducer, corrector, so I could change the focal length to 730mm which led to F / 3.6. The whole equipment is sitting on an EQ6 PRO GoTo mechanic and placed in its own small star. The control is done using a laptop using the ATP controller program and the MGEN system. Unfortunately, due to the glossy contamination of the area, I am regularly presently photographed today.

External locations: Ágasvár and Szilváskő, Hungary