Ghost Nebula

Vdb 141

Bach Zoltán

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In the sky

Coordinates: RA: 21h 16m, D: +68° 15'

Technical data


200/1000, Newton, Carbon astrograph,ASA 0.73 Reducer, EffectiveFocus 730mm F / 3.6 plusz SW 80/600 Ed Apo


Atik ONE 6, ASI 533Mc


SkyWatcher EQ6 GoTo


Ekos, Indi


2019-be 23 hour LRGB, 2021-be 12,5 hour RGB

Location, date:

Ágasvár 2019-2021


Astro Pixer Processor, Ps6


Vdb 141, SH 2-136, but how much more mystical when I say Ghost or Ghost Nebula.

These are the names of the objects in my latest photo. On closer inspection, there really is a ghost in it, even waving. Of course, it is only from our perspective that we see and bring to life these wonderful nebulae of reflection with the help of our imaginary power. In the constellation Cepheus, Cepheus Flare is a molecular cloud that we actually see. Full of star-forming areas, stars are born through the gravitational collapse of very cold molecular dust clouds. We can witness this here in the photo, observing the tip of a cone visible on the side opposite the waving spirits. Here, the light (protostar) embedded in the dust shines in and draws a cone shape.

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