Reflected nebula

Bach Zoltán

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In the sky

Coordinates: RA: 0h 11m, D: +58° 46'

Technical data


200/1000-es Newton,carbon astrograph


Atik ONE 6


SkyWatcher EQ6 GoTo


Lacerta Mgen OAG


R:420; G:420; B:420; L:780 minute

Location, date:

Ágasvár, 10-2017


Maxim DL, Registar, Photoshop CS6


Every book, so every catalog has a first entry. This beautiful blue cosmic cloud got the 1st entry in the VDB catalog, which contains interstellar dust clouds largely close to the stars. Reflection mists generally appear to be blue because scattering with dust particles is shorter (weaker) wavelengths more efficient. The same kind of scattering on Earth means a blue day sky. Van den Bergh's 1966 list contains a total of 158 entries, most of which are easier to see in the Northern Hemisphere. The VDB1 is less than 5 light years long and is about 1600 light years long in the Cassiopeia constellation. An interesting phenomenon on the right side of the picture is two loops. These are typically outpaces that may be related to the energetic process of neonatal stars. Inside the mist are extremely young, varying stars eg. V633 Cas and V376 Cas.


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