Elephant's Trunk Nebula (Hubble palette)

IC 1396A

Bach Zoltán

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In the sky

Coordinates: RA: 21h 39m, D: +57° 28'

Technical data


200/1000, Newton, Carbon astrograph,ASA 0.73 Reducer, EffectiveFocus 730mm F / 3.6


Atik ONE 6


SkyWatcher EQ6 GoTo


Lacerta Mgen OAG


Ha 45x10 min, OIII 30x10 min, SII 30x10 min, RGB 20-20 min

Location, date:



Maxim DL, Registar, Photoshop CS6


IC 1396 is a jewel of the summer sky in the Cepheus constellation. The gigantic emission mist from the Earth is located around 2400 light-years away, and it has young, nascent stars. Over 2400 light years away, it's more than 2 degrees, which is about 80 light years in diameter. In the stormy fog of the younger stars, the darker parts of the younger stars can be discovered, with smaller and larger knot protrusions. These are the denser parts of interstellar clouds that have resisted the overwhelming starwind, and are home to newly born stars.