Lower's nebula

Bach Zoltán

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In the sky

Coordinates: RA: 6h 8m, D: +15° 40'

Technical data


200/1000-es Newton,carbon astrograph


Atik ONE 6


SkyWatcher EQ6 GoTo


Lacerta Mgen OAG


HA 170 min, RGB 120-120 min, Lum 100 min

Location, date:

Vecsés, Ágasvár 2018-01-08+09+14+15


Maxim DL, Registar, Photoshop CS6


Sh2-261 (or lower fog) is located between the H-II region, the outer edge of the Milky Way, the boundary between the Orion and the Perseus arm. Although in the northern hemisphere, every inhabited area of ​​the Earth can be observed. The rarely photographed area of ​​the Lower Fog, perhaps due to its visually pale appearance. It is therefore not surprising that this object was first discovered by Harold Lower and Charles in 1939.

Fog fog. 3200 light years away from us approx. 13.1 parsec size and brightness, about 10 seeds on the entire surface. Above the bright star of the HD 41997, a small reflection mist is visible in the middle of Sh2-261.