Atik One 6

Used but in good condition equipment

For sale ATIK One 6 Mono CCD camera + Oag + full RGB and narrowband filter set. Package contents: Atik One 6, 5 correct filter changer, Oag, filter set, cables.

Filters: Optolong RGB and Lpro (same as Idas light pollution filter), Astronomical If 6nm, OIII 6nm, SII 6nm. is.

I use the camera with satisfaction and it still works flawlessly. The photos taken with him can be found here on my page. The reason for the sale is to rationalize the equipment.

 The package is for sale in one, HUF 620,000  / 1.695 €

Parameters of the ccd: Sensor Type: CCD - Sony ICX694 / 5Horizontal Resolution: 2750 pixelsVertical Resolution: 2200 pixelsPixel Size: 4.54 xM x 4.54 ADMADC: 16 bitReadout Noise: 4e- typical valueGain Factor: 0.27e- / ADUFull Well: ~ 18,000e- Dark Current: ~ 0.0005 electrons / second at -10 ° Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed, with embedded hubPower: 12v DC 2AMaximum Exposure Length: UnlimitedMinimum Exposure Length: 1/1000 sCooling: Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT = -38 ° CWeight: approx. 900 grBackfocus: ~ 27mm

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