My telescope

Newton carbon 200/1000Newton Dobson 200/1200My and Newton carbon 200/1000Newton carbon 200/1000 and SW EQ6 mechanikWilliam Optics Apo 72/432 and Star Adventurer mechanikCanon 600D and Canon 70-200 F4 LNewton 200/1000 SkyWatcher

From the order of my instruments it clearly shows how deep I was going into the technical mysteries of astrophotography. My current photographic composition: a self-built Newton Carbon Astrograph 200/1000, Lacerta with center lock micro focuser, self-righting/swivel caster with unique primary mirror holder. For the tracking it helps a Lacerta off axis guider and an MGEN. I am doing the search SkyWatcher 9*50 search tube and a collimated laser pointer. I am making/shooting the photos with a QHY-5II color CCD camera and a modified Canon 600D DSLR camera. Against the warm/heat I equipped the Canon with a stepless cooling so that in the summer heat it can take also high quality images. The whole device is sitting on an EQ6 PRO GoTo mechanics and housed in a small self-built observatory. I am doing the control via laptop with an ATP firmware/control program and an MGEN system. Unfortunately, due to the area’s light-pollution I regularly go to external locations during the photo shooting nowadays.

External locations: Ágasvár and Szilváskő, Hungary